The  Northwest Tattoo Museum (NTM) is an excellent free information educational outreach resource base for
    anyone curious about the craft of tattooing, those needing guidance in tattoo endeavors, tattoo history, or
    getting a tattoo. The NTM tattoo historian and curator (Jay Brown) is a Master of Tattoo certificate holder
    with 30 years in the Craft. He can provide a personal tour of the museum or schedule private sessions.  
    The NTM collection is largely representative of the last century of mainstream tattoo subculture in North
    America. The collection showcases historical photographs, documents, flash, tattoo implements, tattoo
    related artifacts, an expanding library, an archive of historic documents, etc. The museum has been
    diversifying and incorporating indigenous tattoo history from North America and worldwide.

    The NTM strives to implement museum repository standards;
    whereby following appropriate National Park Service museum
    collections standards for care and management of facility and
    objects. All objects are inventoried in a collections database
    catalog. We are currently incorporating narratives into displays.

    The NTM also provides museum services such as: identification and appraisal of historic tattoo items,
    repair & restoration services on vintage tattoo machines, etc.

    Please note that staff run a tattoo machine shop and attend numerous tattoo conventions throughout the year. As
    such, museum hours can change. So it is strongly advised to call ahead and/or coordinate an appointment.


    Step into the working exhibit booth and experience the feel of an old street shop from the 1940's-1950's. We do
    it all; old school-traditional, custom, cover ups, Tribal, Northwest Tribal, Oriental, pin ups, black and gray, bright
    colors, etc. Plenty of flash designs and reference material for the last century, online reference, or bring your
    own.  The museum always accepts walk-ins but strongly encourages scheduling appointments to ensure
                                *Safe & Sterile/ OSHA Compliant * Modern Electric Tattooing * Bright Colors
    Come Visit the Northwest Tattoo Museum & Tattooing
    Professionals Dedicated to Documenting & Preserving Tattoo History, Culture & Artifacts

    Tues-Sat:  12-9 pm
    Sun-Mon:   By Appointment

    Walk Ins Aways Welcome OR
    Schedule an Appointment

    510 N 4th St Suite B
    Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

    Visit Us on Facebook:
    Northwest Tattoo Museum
    The NTM is
    committed to
    professional ethics
    and education of all.

    The NTM is a 'Not for
    Profit' venture.
    Tattooing and
    merchandise sales help
    offset the cost of rent
    and utilities. Donations
    comprise the majority
    of collections objects.
    Thank you to those who
    have provided support.

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208-665-6565  -   510N 4th St Suite B, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
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    Jay Brown. 29 yr Tattooist/Curator
    Master Tattoo Artist Certification
    A.P.T Lifetime Achievement Award
    Terry Wrigley Award
    N.T.A. Member
    B.T.C Member
Joey Hovaldt. Expert Tattooist
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